High quality & value added media are our key to compete in the market; our Creative team uses the latest technology (Tools & Applications) to produce piece of art media production.
Concave’s professional team having average 30 years of accumulated experience & Academic understanding in media & film making industry.
We follow project management techniques to insure full understanding of Requirements & needs of the customer in order to produce (in scope production) on time within the budget


• Media market is full of opportunities and threats, our goals is to chase every opportunity and make it beneficial for our image & market impact, as well as overcome threats by using all tools & capabilities in order to have an efficient action in the market.
• Competition is very high in the market; we believe that Quality is the only approach to compete and to have better market positioning; in addition, the valuable media will be our competitive advantage within the market.
• Have enough academic & tech resources to enhance the production process to provide different media style
• Conduct a wide marketing campaign with all new channels and start studying needs & opportunities
• We will provide all facilities for loaded media houses empowering them to create the targeted media production in time within the budget
• We capitalize on our team, tools, and relationships to develop a final product that benefits current customers and generates new business potential
• Provide professional and high quality valuable media
• Establish good relation with agencies through introducing the company and capabilities that we can provide
• Work Professional to reduce the cost without affecting the quality


The starting point is always the consumer; we believe that our market in Middle East does need higher level of media quality as well value bundled in media production.
We target two segmentations in the market :

  • Media related companies like (Media Agencies, Production houses, Channels)
  • High Profile corporate (Governmental organizations, Oil & Gas, Charity organizations ,etc)

Our goal to understand our customer’s needs and work smart to reach the best production, in order to satisfy all needs & create amazing product be end of the day.